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Arabic courses in the heart of Aarau

DESCRIPTION of our Arabic courses:

<strong>Arabic courses in Aarau. Discover the pleasure of learning Arabic. No matter what level your Arabic language skills are at, you are guaranteed to find the right course to improve your language skills with us. The International Language School accompanies you in learning Arabic. Our tailor-made and personal Arabic courses guarantee you a quick success in learning Arabic. </strong>

<strong>Learn to speak and write Arabic as quickly as possible in our Arabic lessons. An Arabic course at ILS in Aarau is the best option to learn Arabic as quickly as possible. Our language school is only a few minutes away from Aarau train station, so you can take your Arabic course quickly and easily.</strong>

Arabic courses with non-binding trial lessons

<strong>In our private Arabic courses the highest flexibility is guaranteed. You are free to decide when and how often your Arabic course should take place. Book one of our lesson packages and learn Arabic whenever you want. A unique offer that you can try out without any obligation. </strong>

Book two non-binding trial lessons and convince yourself of our Arabic courses.


  • Basic knowledge "country, people, culture" of the Arabic language
  • Conversations, discussions
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Grammar exercises
  • Phrasal composition and structure
  • Use of times and cases
  • Spelling
  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Travel conversations and vocabulary


  • A0: I have never learnt the language and have no previous knowledge of it
  • A1: I can communicate with single words, short sentences, gestures and facial expressions.
  • A2: I can get by in simple situations, but with difficulty.
  • B1: I can communicate in everyday life, but I still make many mistakes.
  • B2: I can talk effortlessly in many situations, even if not flawlessly.
  • C1: I can almost always express myself clearly and correctly.
  • C2: I speak the language almost as well as my mother tongue.
  • A free placement test will be carried out before your first course.


<strong>Arabic courses in private lessons. Flexible, individual and inexpensive Arabic courses in private lessons</strong>

from CHF 49 / per lesson